Slacking on the Updates

As always, so much is going on that I have a lapse in keeping this thing up to date. This morning I was rereading some of my older posts up until now and I find it funny to see the personality this blog has taken on. I'll even go as far as to say that it actually reflects where I am at in life pretty accurately. If you go as far back as my deployment to Iraq and the make shift blog I used to keep on, you'll notice that I complain a lot less now and my life has become more focused. An average day in the life consists of work, hour of flex time, some type of school, fundamentals review on my flight simulator, about an hour to relax (which is why I am sometimes up past midnight squeezing that in), and then sleep.

Of course, the schedule changes dramatically if I have my Son for the week or weekend. It also changes if I decide to forego responsibility at a chance to relieve stress and hang out with people. The odd thing I've learned in the pursuit of things that I've accomplished has been that the more you're alone in the things you do, the less lonely you become. Almost as if focus overwhelms you to the point of absolute submission and you're forced do things that need to be done. Knowing this has played a part in helping me combat bad habits. Being that I am social, going out with people is a drug for me. This drug can and typically is a good thing, but as with everything too much of it can result in a negative effect.

All these things taken into consideration, I can understand a lot of people's view that life is here now and we must live it. Others will probably hit me up later and tell me I think way too damn much. Both of which are probably right on and true statements against everything I am saying, however, at the end of my life I want to know I did something great with it. I don't need to be remembered by anyone but my family but I personally want to know that someone or something was better because I did what others couldn't or wouldn't do.

"Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem." - Latin Saying (Translated: No man is a man who does not try and make this world a better place)
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