China's New Aircraft Carrier

China is to become the tenth nation in the world to have added an aircraft carrier to their warship fleet. This comes as they gear up to send their carrier out on sea trials this month. The carrier, which was not Chinese but rather Russian built, was bought after the collapse of the Soviet Union and was to be built into a casino ship. However, over the last five years the Chinese Navy has worked hard to bring this war ship into a different kind of service. BBC news has the full story.

In other related news, the Taiwanese government unveils their own "aircraft carrier killer" missile. The unveiling of such a missile comes on the heels of the Chinese sea trials announcement and sports a banner above the new missile with a familiar looking ship on fire. Coincidence? I think not. You can see the Taiwanese unveiling here.

"For most of the time carrier aviation is more challenging than flying in a spacecraft." - Astronaut Jim Lovell
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