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The Southwest Airlines marketing teams have historically done a great job when its come to advertising. In the past few years it's even launched an ad campaign to open up operations to the public view. On their youtube channel you can see all sorts of videos ranging from TV commercials to an in depth look at their flight operations and training. Additionally, has statistically rated Southwest Airlines as the safest airline in the world. I'd like to also say that the airline has a special place in my heart as it's the primary operator out of Baltimore/Washington International Airport (KBWI) and one of the main air carriers to the Maryland area (read: home).

So in an effort to return a little love to the airline, I give you three videos. The first is a video taken by a Southwest Captain who has been flying for the airline for some time. Unfortunately he's disabled embedding the video so I can't post it below, however you can see it by clicking here. It starts off a little slow but shows you some pretty awesome shots while en route, descending, and landing. The second video, actually posted blow, is the factory process of assembling "Florida One", a Southwest Boeing 737, and at the end its actually being painted in its special livery. And finally, the last video is a clip of my favorite Southwest aircraft, Maryland One (N214WN), landing in Baltimore.

"Airspeed, altitude or brains: Two are always needed to successfully complete the flight. " - Aviation Saying
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