Remembering Gene Cernan

Today we say farewell to one of NASA's most beautiful souls and the last Astronaut to have walked on the moon, Gene Cernan. I've always enjoyed hearing Gene's interviews and I believe he saw walking on the moon as on the beginning to his duties to the American public whom he continues to champion the cause of exploration for right up until his death. Below is an interview with Fox News as he proclaimes, "We need to get America back into space". 

I personally thank Astronaut Cernan for the sacrifices both he and his family made while helping America reach for the stars and believe in the realization of hard to reach dreams. You, sir, will always remain an American hero.

"I felt that I was literally standing on a plateau somewhere out there in space. A plateau that science and technology had allowed me to get to. But now what I was seeing and even more important what I was feeling at that moment in time, science and technology had no answers. Literally no answers because there I was, and there you are, there you were, the earth dynamic, overwhelming.. And I felt that the world just.. There is too much purpose, too much logic, it was just too beautiful to happen by accident" - Astronaut Gene Cernan
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