Mat Best says "I Choose Life"

Former Army Ranger Mat Best Chooses Life

After I started Burlas Aviation, I had an idea for a for-profit company that would that would make Aviation t-shirts. Some might suggest that there are already enough Aviation t-shirt companies and websites out there but if I'm being completely honest, I find the current market truly lacking both selection and style. It's understandable considering that those looking to promote Aviation through accessories are more often than not the ones who are also paying for the affectionately named "$100 Hamburger". Flying isn't cheap nor are well-designed quality clothes.

One of my requirements in going forward with the t-shirt idea was to identify manufacturing and logistical partnerships that would bring the cost down to a reasonable price point that even a Pilot waiting for his next paycheck to fly couldn't argue with. It was through this research that I discovered Mat Best, a Veteran and the CEO of Article 15 Clothing, a company by and for Veterans. 

While the Aviation t-shirt company is still in the works, I think discovering Mat's band of Veterans over at Article 15 was one of the best things to come out of my research. While I'm no Ranger like Mat (I was a Cavalry Scout), I am proud to have served. Seeing a group of Veterans take the brotherhood out of the struggles found in the mixture of adventure and harsh realities of service leaves me inspired and truly thankful.

When I started Burlas Aviation it was because I wanted to take something I loved and use it to help others in the wake of my father's passing from pancreatic Cancer. I surrounded myself with my network of buddies from both the service and my journey into Aviation; doing so helped me to not feel so alone in dealing with the self-charged burdens that I found myself carrying. Seeing another group having served and lost those closest to them move forward to take their own burdens and use it to benefit others is affirmation of what I tell myself everyday - "your time is limited Joe, so use it in a worthy cause because this is all you get".

Below is a video Mat put up on his YouTube Channel. Millennials have dubbed this day of the week "#MotivationMonday" - so I think it's appropriate that I share this with everyone. The message is for anyone who chooses to rise above their own pains in life and take the path seldom traveled. It's a message everyone should here, whether you're prior service or not.

Thank you for the inspiration Mat, Rocco, and all the boys at Article 15 Clothing. Charlie Mike.

"The most important branch of aviation is pursuit, which fights for and gains control of the air." - Brigadier General William 'Billy' Mitchell
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