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Most of what I discuss on here is primarily related to Aviation, and has been since 2009 when I began my arduous march towards the sky. If you've been following me during that time you may have seen articles containing my opinion on aviation topics, events, and other miscellaneous Life occurrences that most of the tied back into Aviation. 

Since Burlas Aviation was born just over a year ago, very smart marketing advisers have mentored me through the labyrinth that is social media today. It seems that just yesterday I was deployed overseas, with my to keep my family updated, but a lot has changed since 2004 and technology is quick to make me feel like an old man. Luckily with technology and a willingness to learn, it's easy to quickly get back into.

Yet with and organization full of volunteers it was initially daunting to see the automation requirements needed at the start of our journey. Luckily I've been able to apply some of the advice given to me by my colleagues and mentors in marketing and use the correct services while drawing just the right amount of data from reports so that I'm not overloaded and see the bigger picture. I'm blessed.

One of the services I am looking at now for my own personal network, since I finally completed the changes to unify my personal social media network (so that people can find me when I'm in the public guy) is BoostLikes - which gives you the ability to extend the platform from which you speak from.

I believe that it's  important, especially when you have a message you believe in, that you not only communicate concisely and engage those who want to interact with you,  but that you also do it from a platform that backs up the message that you were trying to send – and that is – "people want to hear what I have to say".

 No I have never use this service before, but everything that I have heard from some of the people I trust most, has been nothing but great things. I urge you to check them out for yourself.  See more via I'll be trying them out with my personal social media here shortly.

"I find myself hating business, but if it is the vessel we must embark on to complete our objective, then so be it." - No Attribution
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