The Small Update on Big Changes

I'm not just updating this because I'm being hounded to, but yes, it's about time that I do. I guess with me moving to Chicago and taking care of everything, life's sort of been a blur but I'm handling it well. This website has been a place where I could refine my thoughts and plans by putting them "on paper" and later reflect on them as I progress. It's actually been really helpful in the past but finding the time to write on here after you've written a fifteen page paper on the Haitian Revolution or a five page paper on Plato's Allegory of the Cave, makes writing here not as inviting as it has been previously.

Anyway, in an effort to get myself back on tracks with my thoughts, you'll see plenty of posts here in the future. I've found a lot of content (videos, excerpts, and articles) that I look forward to steadily posting up. So please, look for that. As for now, I leave you with a very brief list of things I've been doing in the last five months:
  • Moved to Chicago to an aviation college (Lewis University)
  • Currently have a flight schedule that includes three flights a week.
  • Enrolled in twenty credits of classes (Astronomy, Philosophy, Math, Macro Economics, History, Aviation Meteorology, and Flight Block)
  • Appeared at the Army Board in Washington, DC (Finally)
  • Fly back once a month from Chicago to Baltimore to see my son.
  • Became an Associate (joining) an international aviation fraternity whose goals are all about the promotion of aviation (Alpha Eta Rho)
"If you find yourself in a place that you've been before, ask yourself: 'What is Life trying to teach me that I missed the first time?'" - Anonymous
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