First Space Shuttle Flight

Aviation was born out of the desire to fly and through the innovation of ideas. This is why I've always been fascinated with the push for space exploration because it stems from those same desire and requires much the same innovation. Below is an older video of the Space Shuttle's first ever 'flight' conducting an approach and landing test. I say 'flight' because really it just glided, however prior to this moment, the shuttle had never been tested and NASA wasn't 100% sure that it was going to fly. This impresses me. It's man leaping into the unknown in a push to advance our own exploration technology.

I'm also lucky enough to have been able to visit the Enterprise while it was housed at the National Smithsonian's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (picture below). Who knows what will come of the next space vehicle program since the space shuttle program was canceled. It may well all move to the commercial side of astronautics. Whatever happens, God speed

"It is as though we have grown wings, which thanks to Providence, we have learnt to control." - Louis Bleriot
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