The Pal-V One

Flying cars are not a new idea to aviation. In fact they are a concept that has been talked about since the mid-twentieth century. Many working prototypes were developed and for a little while there a decent public conversation about them. The problem with many is that they are not as practical as they appear. Most take a good amount of time to convert from driving to flying status and all seem pretty costly to maintain. Yet, many today are still chasing the dream and the latest batch of designs have seemed a bit more applicable to everyday life.

An example of this, outside the highly publicized Terrafugia, is the Pal-V One. The clip below is raw and unedited footage, some of which was used in making a documentary on flying cars this past summer, and it shows the seamless transition of the Pal-V One from a vehicle that drives on the road to one ready to fly.

"If you have flown, perhaps you can understand the love a pilot develops for flight. It is much the same emotion a man feels for a woman, or a wife for her husband." - Louise Thaden
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